• Electrical PVC Conduit

    PVC Rigid Conduit

    Heritage PVC conduit and duct is for commercial, industrial and utility usage; durable and effective in underground, encased and exposed applications

  • PVC Accessories


    PVC expansion couplings, pipe straps, meter accessories, meter offsets, pulling elbows, meter hubs and service entrance fittings.

  • PVC Couplings and Adapters

    Couplings and Adapters

    Locate the PVC couplings, terminal adapters, female adapters that you need to work with your PVC project.

  • PVC Elbows

    Elbows – Standard Radius

    PVC Schedule 40 standard radius elbows, plain end, bell end and PVC Schedule 80 standard radius elbows both plain end and bell end.

  • PVC Elbows

    Elbows – Special Radius

    Special radius PVC elbows and radius sweeps for Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 both plain end and belled end.

  • PVC Spacers

    Duct Spacers

    PVC plastic duct spacers for completely enclosed and locked-in duct banks, snap together, vertically, slide together horizontally for fast, secure field assembly.

  • PVC Access Fittings

    Access Fittings

    PVC Access fittings are available in different types: type C, type LB, type LL, type LR, type E, and type T access fittings.

  • PVC Cover Plates and Box Covers

    Cover Plates and Box Covers

    PVC Cover Plates, F Series, as single gang, double gang, and triple gang cover plates. PVC Weatherproof box covers are also available single & double gang.

  • PVC Exposed Boxes

    Exposed Boxes

    PVC exposed boxes are available as single gang, double gang & triple gang F Series, octagonal boxes, junction boxes & extension rings.

  • feature-img-junction-boxes-accessories

    Junction Boxes & Accessories

    Junction boxes with self tapping screws, brass screw inserts, octagonal boxes, box rings, floor box cover, floor box leveling ring and base, adapter kit and divider kit.

  • PVC Fittings – Miscellaneous

    PVC Fittings available: end cap, junction box adapters, end bell molded, reducer bushings, poly plug with pulling eye, conduit cement and PVC primer.