Heritage Plastics is an American manufacturer of PVC conduit, fittings, and pipe for the electrical, irrigation, municipal and plumbing markets. Heritage was founded in 1992 and acquired in 2013 by Atkore.

Atkore International® is a global manufacturer of galvanized steel pipe, electrical conduit, armored wire cable, metal framing systems, and building components, serving a wide range of construction, electrical, fire and security, mechanical and automotive applications.

Atkore Plastic Pipe and Conduit group operates nine manufacturing facilities throughout the USA.

  1. Kirkwood, New York
  2. Eugene, Oregon
  3. Louisville, Kentucky
  4. Milford, Utah
  5. Tampa, Florida
  6. Thomasville, Georgia
  7. Weatherford, Texas
  8. Pendleton, Oregon
  9. Fort Mill, South Carolina

Atkore Plastic Pipe and Conduit produces the following products:

  • UL 651 Conduit and Fabricated Fittings – Schedule 40 and Schedule 80
  • UL 514B Injection Molded Fittings
  • NEMA TC 6 and 8 EB/DB Utility Duct
  • Telephone Duct
  • CATV Duct
  • ASTM D 3034 Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM D 2729 Drain Pipe
  • ASTM D 2241 Solvent Weld IPS Pressure Pipe
  • ASTM D 3034 Gasketed Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM D 2241 IPS Gasketed IPS Pressure Pipe
  • ASTM D 1785 Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pressure Pipe
  • ASTM D 2665 DWV
  • ASTM F 480 Well Casing